Special Components

By working together with our customers, Klaus Fischer GmbH supplies specially designed components, able to be manufactured in a turned, pressed or forged manner. What’s more, we offer combined connectors in sets by welding, soldering and pressing. The turned and pressed parts are made-to-measure, ensuring each individual customer has the perfect solution, including any necessary reworking in the widest range of designs and quantities, even if you only place a small order.
Quality plays a crucial role when we manufacture our products, as such we only use materials which are extremely strong, as well as resistant to acid, heat and rust, depending on the requirements.
Additionally, we can provide process products according to customer specifications. For example:
•Robertson and square
•Hex socket and hex
•Internal and external octagon
• Hexalobular internal
•Bearing seats
•Triple square (XZN)

Modern materials
We work with the most up-to-date and special materials for particularly sophisticated jobs:
The best connectors from A –Z
•anomalous screws
•Welding ends
•Eye screws
•CNC turned parts
•Expansion screws
•Double-ended screws
•TA screws
•Fine thread screws
•Impact extrusion parts
•Threaded pins
•Threaded plugs
•Micro parts
•Manhole cover bolts
•Shoulder bolts
•Special nuts
•Hanger bolts
•Trapezoidal spindle
•Deep drilling components
•Extra (turned and pressed)
•Robertson and square screws
•Drive shafts
•Whitworth bolts
•Dowel pins

Extreme Challenges

Even connectors which aren’t easy to handle, and are therefore more challenging to build, don’t pose a problem for Klaus Fischer GmbH – we made spindles from 42CrMo4V with dimensions of M 99×15000 for a nuclear power plant.


The primary material was tempered at Rm=1200 N/mm² and subsequently stripped for thread rolling, as per the measurements. After this process, the metal swarfs were cleared away and inspected with a thread gauge. They varied in size by less than 1mm per metre.