Interior construction work

Our range of products includes connectors for interior construction work and woodwork industry, among others.
We supply both standard parts, as well as those tailor-made to customer requirements. Some examples are:
•Hanger bolts
•Flathead screws with wood and metric threads, high-strength and made from stainless steel
•Flathead nuts
•DIN wood screws
•Fasteners for building furniture
•Threaded plates
•Combi-screw components
•Drive-in nuts, made from stainless steel and come in special sizes

Screws for interior construction work

We supply hanger bolts in all customary sizes both with and without wrench flats. You may also choose to order them with or without points.
Flathead screws are available in various lengths from 55-350mm and come with optional M10 metric threads or 10mm wooden threads.
Also available with a hex socket or hexalobular internal.
You can order our flathead nuts with either a hex socket or hexalobular internal and they can be supplied in various sizes.