DIN/ISO Components

Klaus Fischer GmbH supplies standard products that a non-specialist screw business would not be able to supply due to specific customer requirements. Several examples from our wide range of products will give you a glimpse into the variety of products we have to offer.
•Extra long
•Intermediate size
•Reduced shank bolts and nuts in accordance with DIN 2510
•DIN screws reconditioned for metal cutting (drills, milling, etc.)
•DIN components made from special material (42CrMo4, stainless steels such as titanium, Ms, Alu etc.)
•Special threads (inches, UNF, UNC etc.)
•Shoulder bolts
•Combi-screws in accordance with DIN 6900, also up to M30 (and in small quantities)
•Micro screws from M 0.8
•Stamped parts
•Extra-long screws according to any design or standards, specially made with hex sockets or hexalobular internals.
•Wheel bolts and nuts
•Turned and milled parts made from all modern materials


CNC short and long turned parts up to a diameter of 65mm can be manufactured off the peg or using chucks with either modern CNC automatic machines or conventional machines. The threads required are cut, milled or rolled according to customer requirements. Klaus Fischer GmbH is able to produce a variety of standard and special threads at short notice with the huge selection of thread rolling machines.
We work with carefully selected national and international subcontractors in order to supply you with bulk parts in line with DIN, ISO or ASA that we don’t manufacture ourselves. Quality products can be 100% verified upon request (50 ppm). We can guarantee the necessary aftercare and finishing in conjunction with competent, reliable partners.